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Evidently procedure, as well as reason, is off the table in the gun control debate

In response to Manchin: Gabby Giffords Is Our Whip on Gun Bill:

So a former member of the House of Representatives will become a Senate "whip" on legislation based entirely on her status as the victim of a crime?  If the spirits of the Founders haven't already washed their hands of us, that should just about do the trick.

If there was ever a moment when calm, cold reason should trump emotional manipulation, the consideration of laws that infringe directly upon the Bill of Rights - one of the top three Amendments, you might say - should be it.  But we can never get that out of the gun control crowd, can we?  They never stop lying and distorting.  They never answer the devastating questions about how their latest grab bag of proposals have nothing to do with the event that supposedly inspired them, or how a new pile of laws is supposed to make a difference when the old ones aren't being enforced.

No, they keep the hysterical theatrics coming, as they weaponize victimization to the point where people like Giffords and the Newtown families are transformed into super-lobbyists.  They toss out goofball ideas like skeet clays for nervous red-state Democrats to shoot down, in the hopes that their gullible constituents will applaud them for being "pro-gun."  They throw a hundred demands against our rights on the table, and pronounce themselves reasonable if they "settle" for half or less.  Surrendering none of our rights is out of the question - everyone in Washington agrees that the gun control lobby has to get something.  

That never works the other way around, does it?  The people never get to demand a hundred aspects of their liberty back, and settle for fifty.  Washington never listens to calls for renewed American freedom and concludes that liberty-minded citizens have to get something.  No Big Government catastrophe is ever viewed as the irresistible catalyst for "change" that would make the government smaller.  Implacable demands only come from the State.  We the People are permitted only to negotiate over how much we'll give up.

Bank robber Willie Sutton supposedly said that he knocked over banks because "that's where the money is."  Why are gun-control zealots so eager to pass new laws that only affect people who already obey the law?  Because that's where the power is.


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