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The Media's Reporting on the Arrest/Imminent Arrest/Non-Arrest of the White/Dark-Skinned Suspect/Person of Interest/No One

I actually would give the media a big pass on this -- this isn't bias, and I don't even think this is stupidity.  It's just that no one knows what's going on yet.

Personally, honestly -- if you ask me if I'd rather have the quck-and-dirty-and-possibly-wrong report fast or wait a long time for the absolutely confirmed report, I'd rather have the shaky report fast.

Sources are sometimes wrong.  Or, sometimes, the official word that goes out is simply false.  (Like, "we have no one in custody" as a denial when cops are really parsing between "in custody" and "being questioned as a 'person of interest.'")

As long as everyone keeps in mind that 90% of all early reports are wrong, it's fine.

That said, this chart illustrates the conflicting reporting today humorously.


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