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Message from the Restaurant That Was the Scene of Bomb #2

Forum is the restaurant which was the scene of the 2nd bombing in Boston this week. Their front entrance has now become famous for images of blood spattered sidewalks or white-jumpsuited crime scene investigators going over the scene for evidence. Tuesday morning, the owners of Forum posted a message on Facebook describing their business as "ground zero" but promising they will return after extensive renovation:

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the kind words, prayers and thoughts. Forum was ground zero as the second bomb exploded right on our patio, injuring several guests, runners and some of our staff. The images of horror and pain that some of us witnessed will be hard to forget.

We'd like to thank the Boston Police, Fire Department and EMS workers who helped us piece together our collective confusion and tend to those injured. We'd also like to thank the members of our own staff and guests who went above and beyond, helping those injured.

Forum will be closed until further notice, as we are now a crime scene. Our beautiful restaurant sustained heavy damage and will need to be rebuilt after the site is cleared.

Thank you all for the patronage during this first year of business. Boston Nightlife Ventures is proud to operate restaurants and bars in this beautiful city. We will prevail.

We love you Boston.

The page received 2,200 likes and several dozen supportive comments.


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