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America, meet Uncle Ruslan

In response to Interviews with the Suspects' Uncles:

Uncle Ruslan has become a beloved online celebrity with dazzling speed.  And why not?  He's sympathetic to begin with, so clearly anguished that he might have played some role in the tragedy, when it clearly had nothing to do with him.

Then he launches into his grief for the victims of the bombing.  I got a little misty-eyed when he was trying to describe them, based on pictures he'd seen.

And then comes the Straight Talk, delivered with fifty thousand watts of power.  His contempt for those "loser" nephews, his stern call for fugitive Dzhokar to turn himself in - delivered at a volume that nearly blew the reporters off their feet, as if he was hoping Terrorist Number Two might be within earshot... and that bracingly old-fashioned invocation of family and Chechen honor!

Topped off by his unforgettable profession of love and respect for the United States: "This is the ideal micro-world in the entire world.  I respect this country.  I love this country; this country which gives chances to everybody else to be treated as a human being."

America: micro-world of the free, home of the brave, plus a few losers.  If Uncle Ruslan doesn't end up working for the State Department in some capacity after all this is over, this Administration really is asleep at the switch.  I'd love to see him as ambassador to the United Nations.  "What is all this with the hatred for people around the world who settle themselves and work hard!" he could thunder at the representatives of some grisly tinpot dictatorship.  "You are LOSERS!  Why are you being losers?"


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