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Issa: Sec. Clinton 'Was Just Wrong' on Benghazi

Appearing on Fox News Wednesday morning, Rep. Darrell Issa said "Secretary of State Clinton was just wrong" when she claimed in January hearings before the House Foreign Affairs Committee that she did not participate in decisions about security in Benghazi.

“They had a policy of normalization appearance. They did everything they could to make it look like they had won the war and had the peace. And so the policy that you saw in that April cable is the policy that led to the ambassador being exposed and killed. It led to the absence of a plan in what is still basically a war zone."

Issa's comments are based on a 42 page report issued Tuesday by five House Republicans Committee Chairmen. The report indicates that Sec. Clinton herself denied a request to maintain and strengthen security sent by Ambassador to Libya Gene Cretz. The request, which was made by cable in March 2012, was denied in a response dated April 19, 2012. A footnote in the House report indicates the response cable was signed "CLINTON."

Democrats in the House responded to yesterday's report by sending a letter to Speaker Boehner complaining that Democrats did not have input into its contents. The letter does not allege any specific errors in the report.


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