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Will the SoD Authorize U.S. Troops to Protect the Border?

In response to In Immigration Reform Debate Governors Have Solutions and Are Ignored (video):

I am waiting for Governor Jan Brewer or any of the  another border state governors to tell us if they think that the Secretary of Defense will grant them permission to deploy their respective state's National Guard to the border.

The new immigration reform  bill doesn’t guarantee that the U.S. Military will be deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border. The bill states that “with the approval of the Secretary of Defense, the Governor of a State may order units or personnel of the National Guard” to assist with border security or other “missions.”


If this bill passes, I expect that the Obama administration will do everything in its power to prevent the U.S. military from being deployed to the border. This means that SoD Chuck Hagel will drag his feet, in order to delay his blessing to deploy U.S. troops to protect the border, or not grant the permission at all.


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