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GOP Rep. Says if You Shake Obama's Hand, Make Sure You 'Thoroughly' Wash Yours

During the recent Heritage Foundation Resource Bank retreat in Orlando, Florida, freshman Republican Congressman Trey Radel addressed the 600+ group of Conservatives at the event’s closing luncheon, where during the Q&A portion of his speech, he enlightened  the group about President Obama’s recent visit to the House of Representatives.


 As you know, President Obama tried to make nice with House Republicans, in an effort to try to get them to compromise on the sequester, but according to Radel and other members of Congress, Obama did not show  up with a willingness to work with House Republicans.


 In finishing his story, Radel said that he had a  couple of personal encounters with the President, shook his hand, and then moved to “thoroughly” wash his hand.


 "I shook his hand twice, I washed my hand thoroughly." Rep. Trey Radel


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