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In response to Out of This World: Six Former Congressmen to Hear Testimony About Space Aliens:



Little bit of background on this former Congresswoman Carolyn Kirkpatrick Cheeks who's being so generously compensated for her appearance: She's the mother of disgraced felon former mayor of Detroit Kwame Kirkpatrick.

Kilpatrick was married to Bernard Nathaniel Kilpatrick, with whom she has daughter Ayanna and son Kwame Kilpatrick, former Mayor of Detroit. She has six grandsons, including two sets of twins. Both her former husband and son were on trial, under an 89-page felony indictment. On March 11, 2013, her son was found guilty on 24 of 30 federal charges and her former spouse was found guilty on 1 of 4 federal charges.

So this doesn't seem to be the Former Congreesman A-Team.

pkc via @jswifty250


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