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When Chris met Barack

In response to Drudge Dismantles Christie With Four Links:

That's a lovely juxtaposition of headlines, but Drudge is really shooting fish in a barrel here.  I supported the exclusion of Chris Christie from a speaking role at CPAC, while holding out hopes that he might win his way back in the future.  Those hopes grow dimmer when you see something like this.

Christie defenders have tried to excuse his eleventh-hour embrace of Barack Obama - which was unquestionably damaging to the Romney campaign, as the New Jersey governor was previously one of its top surrogates - by saying that Christie needed to respect the realities of red-governor-in-a-blue-state politics, or that he was trying to do the best for his state by schmoozing with the President to keep federal relief coming.  (Anyone who doubts how damaging this was to Romney's campaign should try to imagine some big-name Democrat governor spending most of 1992 shilling for Bill Clinton, but then suddenly embracing the elder George Bush as a marvelous crisis leader during the final hours of the 1992 campaign.  Then, of course, you'd have to imagine the media not leaping to Clinton's assistance by blasting said governor into obscurity, or discovering something embarrassing about him to dwell upon.)

None of these excuses for Christie can possibly justify a continuing embrace of Obama, in defiance of the actual facts on the ground.  It would be one thing if Christie was refusing Republican Party pressure to treat Obama unfairly; it's quite another when the nominally Republican governor is living in a ridiculous fantasy land that ignores the hard, cold reality of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath.  Maybe Christie is still primarily concerned with his political survival in New Jersey, but by no stretch of the imagination does his behavior leave him viable GOP presidential material.  And, given his embrace of gun control, it's not clear at this point what he'd have to say to the CPAC 2014 audience.

Which is too bad, because when Chris Christie does energetically throw in his lot with conservatism, he can give a hell of a speech.  And when he governs in a way the Left passionately dislikes, he gets things done.


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