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Over Seven Months Later And The Regime Still Hasn't Brought Anyone to Justice on Benghazi

In response to Obama: 'Not Familiar' with Intimidation of Benghazi Whistleblowers:

Did you notice that Obama automatically launched into the boilerplate he's been using since day one to answer questions about Benghazi?

"What I've been very clear about from the from the start is our job in respect to benghazi is to find out exactly what happened, make sure US embassies not just in the Middle East, but around the world, are safe and secure, and to bring those who carried it out to justice."

Good grief - it's over seven months later and they haven't done a thing to bring anyone to justice. How long is he going to keep saying that? Until everyone just forgets about it? 

The first part of Obama's sickeningly familiar spiel was missing, today. That's the part where he used to say he gave directives to make sure they were "securing our personnel and doing whatever we needed to do during the attack."

I'd still like to hear more about those directives. According to the Fox News Special Op source, there were at least two elite military units in the area that could have made it on time to save Woods and Dougherty.


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