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#EveryoneBlogAboutPigford - Left-Wing Mea Culpas (Not) Flowing In

My assignment for Everyone Blog about Pigford Day was to do a write-up about the left's failure to debunk the NY Times Pigford expose. But as far as I can see, no one on the left has even tried. They're beaten, and they know it. 


Actually, we're the ones who were beaten, because when it really mattered - before millions of dollars more in the excruciatingly wasteful and corrupt "settlements" were awarded, the left wing media ridiculed his story, labeled it fraudulent,  lies, racist, and my favorite, "Breitbart's stupidest conspiracy theory".  According to the New York Times story, the total cost of "Breitbart's stupidest conspiracy theory" could top $4.4 billion.

But Andrew Breitbart died before he could see his hard work vindicated.

So it's with more bitterness than triumph that I remind readers how the left covered the story when it mattered.

Via Legal Insurrection, Media Matters took the lead in "debunking" the story:

Here’s a sampling of prior Media Matters articles on Pigford:

Stossel Once Again Attacks Black Farmers Who Were Victims Of Discrimination By The Federal Government

Why Has Fox News Ignored Breitbart’s Pigford Story?

Stossel Criticizes USDA’s “Groveling Apology” For Its Widespread Discrimination Against Black Farmers

Even Fox News Won’t Touch The Pigford Story

Unraveling Breitbart’s Pigford Conspiracy, Part 1: Sherrod And The Senate Supplemental

More Of Breitbart’s Lazy Errors And Pigford Untruths

Is Breitbart Trying For “Stupidest Conspiracy Theory” Award With Pigford Allegations?

Lee Stranahan’s “Fraud of The Week”

Breitbart Responds To Sherrod Lawsuit With More Pigford Conspiracies

National Review Joins Breitbart’s Flawed Anti-Pigford Crusade

Breitbart Claims Pigford Is How Obama “Wielded The Stealth Reparations Movement In Order To Get Elected”; Invites Media Matters To Sue Him

Is Breitbart Uninformed About Pigford Or Just Lying?

After A Months-Long Investigation Of Pigford, Breitbart Has No Idea What Pigford Is About

Breitbart’s Pigford Report: Distortions And Shady Sourcing

Pigford: Breitbart’s Eight-Month Smear Campaign Against Shirley Sherrod

Wash. Times Bases Call For Pigford Investigation On Falsehoods

Another bogus Sherrod smear: Conservatives attack her participation in discrimination suit

Professor Jacobson has the links if you want them.

Twitchy has  Hilarious flashback: Media Matters tool told Breitbart to hold a ‘Mardi Gras-style funeral’ for ‘Pigford crusade’ if you want to see all of Eric Boehlert's obnoxious tweets from his Pigford-bashing days.

What you won't see are any apologies or mea culpas coming from him, or anyone else on the left (Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars, FireDogLake etc) who panned the story.


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