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Today's superstitious primitives have no style at all

In response to Superstitious Primitives Burned Book That Frightened and Confused Them:

This is exactly what I hate about the new primitives.  They've got no style at all.  The old-fashioned witch doctors knew how to put on a show.  

The Church of Global Warming, on the other hand, is bloodless and drab.  No crazy dances, no scary wooden masks, no finger-bone rattles or necklaces of skulls.  There's no spring in their jackbooted stride.  They demand fabulously expensive tribute to their Angry Sky Gods with all the enthusiasm of librarians collecting a fine for an overdue book.  Then they burn the book.

The rest of us should express horror at the notion of dreary educrats burning a book they disagree with - it's hard to imagine a more direct way to demonstrate their unfitness to serve as teachers - but it's hardly the worst excess of the "climate change" fanatics.  The old excesses were a lot more fun, though.  How I long for the days when they were telling kids that doubting global-warming dogma would cause their heads to explode, scattering bloody chunks across the astonished faces of their classmates!

Oh, well.  At least we can still enjoy a chuckle at the spectacle of these close-minded irrational boobs pretending to be interested in "science."


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