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Benghazi Testimony Could Be A Dud. No Strategy and Time Wasted.

Hope is never a good strategy. It didn't work for America with Obama and the right should be cautious with political hope. The courage of the whisltleblowers Gregory Hicks, Eric Nordstrom and Mark Thompson should be lauded. They've laid their professional careers on the line.

What was missing is key and it's the first 15 minutes in this case. In the 2012 presidential debates Mitt Romney had moments when 60 million Americans were watching to do more than bloody Obama's nose. When he failed to do so, the next day only mattered to the faithful. In the first 15 minutes, at lunchtime across much of the country, house oversight had their moment and nothing was delivered of WOW! factor. Where is the eye popping, ear splitting moment that captivates and drives this morning's news that we haven't heard before. Today, May 9, 2013 only the faithful are paying attention.

Credit to Darryl Issa (R-CA) and the Republican led House Oversight Committee that at least we had hearings. Now, stop with the face-time and focus on a prosecutorial approach. This is the failure of the DC testimony model. Establish the 2-3 key questioners. Others should be taking notes and passing them as needed to further the process.

Next, quit wasting time with praises and condolences in a limited time format. For example, Rep. John Mica (R-FL) wasted 60 seconds of precious time on opening comments before asking Mark Thompson a direct question. Add up the time wasted by most and you will ask why. Let the chairman open with the necessary comments and then focus on the task at hand.

Apply the crack in the armor principle. There needs to be more whistleblowers for marked success. The cacophony of fact based voices is necessary. Subpoenas of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice , James Clapper and others especially mid-level State Department decision maker or enablers is necessary.

We will see what strategy is used in round two.


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