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Looks like the White House has issued marching orders to the Media Matters set

In response to ABC's Libya Smoking Gun Has Media Matters' Boehlert Speaking Gibberish:

I think we can interpret this gibberish as the sound of the legendary Obama Bus of Doom shifting into first gear and rolling toward Hillary Clinton.  The groundwork is now laid for a big coordinated push by Democrat operatives in the media to portray Clinton as a rogue loose cannon who cooked up these phony talking points with the assistance of protocol droids like Victoria Nuland, while poor helpless Barack Obama was completely out of the loop.  Why, he and Biden were probably as shocked as the rest of us to hear Gregory Hicks' testimony yesterday!

The bus will roll over Nuland first - she's going to be painted as a loose cannon who spent days doctoring intelligence reports without the knowledge of poor, helpless Hillary Clinton.  If that doesn't work, Hillary will be the next deer frozen in the headlights... except the Clintons don't do that deer-in-the-headlights stuff.  They fight back.  That will make things interesting, especially as people like Boehlert find their in-boxes filling up with conflicting talking points from Team Obama and Team Clinton.

I doubt Boehlert has thought far enough ahead to realize that he's on the verge of making the exact same point Clint Eastwood made at the Republican convention: the Oval Office is dominated by an empty chair, with Barack Obama totally out of the loop while Americans are killed in a terrorist attack, and a false narrative that both dishonored the dead, and prompted liberals to openly question the First Amendment, was promoted.  The question now is whether Hillary is able to make the case that when it comes to Benghazi, her chair was empty first.


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