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After a Rough Day in the White House, Democrat Strategist Hilary Rosen Tweets #SupportJayCarney

The scandal plagued Obama White House is finally, after four years, having to deal with an adversarial media, asking tough questions, and yes, even asking tough follow ups. And what's making this lethal is that it's not coming from the same small handful of reporters (Ed Henry, Jake Tapper, Jonathan Karl), it's coming from EVERYBODY. It's as if the scandals have reached critical mass, and the most recent trifecta (Benghazi , IRS and DOJ/AP) is mortifying even some of Obama's most dependable  media cheerleaders.

Today's WH press briefing was not much fun for Carney. Gone was the scornful curled lip, and haughty demeanor, (except toward Fox News.) He was clearly flustered, unable to roboticly repeat his talking points, because he was peppered with tough questions demanding real answers. He repeated  the word "unfettered" so many times, it trended on twitter, and yet he thanked the reporters profusely for their questions. 

On Hardball, Jonathan Alter, (who not too long ago, gushed that the Obama administration was "scandal free"), said Carney's performance today was "disastrous", and noted that it reminded him of "the ’50s when kids would get under their desks in the cold war, duck and cover exercises."

In one of my favorite moments from the presser, Carney was forced to backtrack on his categorical denial that the White House was involved in the IRS scandal.White House reporter Hans Nichols from Bloomberg News asked Carney how he could categorically state that no one from the White House was involved,  while saying they still don’t have all of the facts. Gee, how does Carney know no one was involved if he doesn’t have all the facts?

Democrat strategist, Hilary Rosen, (best known for viciously attacking Ann Romney for being a stay at home mom) took pity on the embattled White House Press Secretary:


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