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Among the Obama dead-enders

Ace's sad little NPR clown mourning the unfair demise of the Maximum Leader's "bipartisan" dreams is but one example of Obama dead-enders going mad with despair.  Aging hippie Katrina vanden Heuvel is using music to cope.  "In these times of pseudo-scandals," she sighed on Twitter, "tonight is for Marvin Gaye & Al Green & Aretha - reminding me of the humanity that keeps us aloft."

Of course she would have considered George Bush's IRS going after left-wing anti-war groups to be a "pseudo-scandal," too.  Don't you dare accuse her of brain-dead hypocrisy while she's grooving out to Marvin Gaye's cover of "I Heard It Through the Grapevine (And Eric Holder Heart It Too, Because He's Got My Phone Bugged.)"

Then there's the infamous Hillary Rosen, scourge of clueless stay-at-home moms, resurfacing to declare that she's already learned to love Big Brother: "AP is not a victim.  Neither are our freedoms.  The Press is not immune to responsibility. Support Jay Carney."  

Carney once observed that he knew several women named Hillary Rosen, in a lame effort to explain why her name was all over White House visitor logs, at a time Barack Obama was frantically trying to distance himself from her.  Maybe the other Hillary Rosens are less comfortable with intimidation of the press.

Julian Bond, chairman emeritus of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, doesn't get what all the fuss is about.  He's just fine with IRS oppression of those "admittedly racist, overtly political" Tea Party groups, who are the "Taliban wing of American politics."  

Good to know where you stand, Mr. Bond!  Since your NAACP really is an "admittedly racist" organization - it's right in the name! - and is as "overtly political" as anyone could be, we've got you on record as being copacetic with some very special IRS audits under the next Republican administration.  Thanks for the invitation!

But it's hard to beat the insipid David Plouffe, who ran Obama's 2008 campaign, for Dead Ender of the Week.  He's not down with Julian Bond's Jurassic Stalinism or vanden Heuvel whistling Marvin Gaye tunes past the graveyard - he's ready to concede that "what the IRS did is dumb and wrong."  

Then he justified it, by adding, "Important to note GOP groups flourished in the last two elections, overwhelming Democrats.  And they will use this raise more money."  (Expanded from Twitter contractions for readability.)

Why would it be "important to note" such a thing?  Outrageous abuses of power are not so bad, as long as the targets survive?  No harm, no foul, is that it?  Once again, can you imagine this fatuous hack saying the same thing if lefty groups were targeted for politically-motivated audits under a Republican administration?  

And how does Plouffe know the targets of IRS abuse weren't harmed?  How much more might they have raised, if their applications for tax-exempt status had been treated fairly?  How do you quantify the intimidation factor of Obama partisans with IRS credentials demanding to see the names of your donors?


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