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Democrats Continue to Fear Allen West

Florida Governor Rick Scott has cause quite a stir among the liberal Democratic Party and its media following, after he stated that he felt former Republican Congressman Allen West would make "a great Lieutenant Governor."

The Huffington Post reported that Scott told WFLA in Tampa, Florida, that he would pick a lieutenant governor after the legislative session concluded, and that West would be a good pick.

“Is a great American and a great patriot… he’d be a great Lieutenant Governor.”-Gov. Rick Scott

Huffpost took this statement to mean that Scott "opened the door to a comeback for former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.)" by "saying that  he'd be a "great" pick for his second in command."

 Then the Florida Democratic Party couldn't resist but to sensationalized the statement by putting out a fundraising request that assumes that "former  Congressman Allen West is on the job hunt." Last time I checked, West was very content over at PJ Media and  Fox News.

 They added that "Floridians already fired" West for their perceived "extreme views, "but then ask donors to "help keep Rick Scott from hiring Allen West."

 Is this  just the Democrats pandering for money, or are they really scared of West?  Perhaps a little of both.

 Even though Scotts poll numbers are barely breathing, the future looks good for him, considering that Florida's unemployment numbers are dropping, jobs are increasing, and Democrats are having a hard time fielding a candidate to face Scott.

 West would be a great Lt. Governor pick that would help shore up Republicans and Independents for Scott in 2014, but one knows what he will do. Again, politics are fluid, so anything is possible.


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