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Government the Oppressor and Bureaucracy the Enabler

This is a dangerous combination to our republic. It's time to not only take a stand but to take action. Find the action(s) that you can take at any level of government to hold our elected officials accountable. Don't demand change, work for it in some meaningful way. This will be a protracted battle.

To my fellow Americans ... Follow the evidence where it leads and stop getting into the wrong arguments. It's easy to take a flawed premise and arrive at a flawed conclusion.

  • Benghazi cover-up
  • IRS targeting conservative groups
    • Barack H. Obama Foundation given retroactive status to December 2008 by Lois Lerner at IRS in June 2011.
  • AP phone records seized
  • China buying up America
  • Failure to name the enemy that is Radical Islam
    • Ft. Hood - Workplace violence
    • Boston - Islamist terrorists of Chechen background
  • Failure to govern as needed to allow America to rebuild the economy
    • Government only creates government jobs. Government should foster an environment where the private sector can create jobs, not by way of crony crap-italism.
  • Comprehensive Gang of 8 Immigration reform where incremental approach starting with border security is needed.

This is the short list. Build on it...


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