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Good citizens with their Party credentials in order have nothing to fear

In response to What Could Go Wrong?:

I'm sure there's absolutely no chance that the vast coercive machinery of ObamaCare will be infested with the kind of political hacks who corrupted the IRS.  Er, well, except for the part of the ObamaCare machinery that will already be running through the corrupt IRS.  The rest of it will be squeaky clean!

After all, it's not as if that seven-foot stack of ObamaCare regulations contains over 2,000 clauses that place enormous power at the "discretion" of a single political appointee, the HHS Secretary.  And it's not as if she'd use that power to terrorize private citizens into compliance with the Dear Leader's agenda - say, by shaking them down for cash.  Oh, wait, sorry, it's exactly like that.

And it's not as if this massive health care scheme has already been corrupted with tons of special exemptions for politically connected special interests, or that it was forced through Congress with shady back-room deals, right?

Let's get past those little glitches and look forward to the day when every good citizen can expect fair and impartial treatment from the death panels, provided they have their Party credentials in order.


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