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Gosnell Jurors Speak Out

Three of the jurors in the Gosnell trial, including the jury foreman, spoke to the media Wednesday.

Particularly striking were the comments of Juror Joseph Carroll who said, "These women went there for a service and a lot of the discussion was the mothers should be there fault to for such late term babies." Asked to clarify if he felt the mothers should have been charged, Carroll added "The mothers, in my opinion, yes."

Jury Foreman David Misko talked about the photos of the babies presented in court. "It was definitely hard to see the photos" Misko said, adding "There was cases where the photos of the babies were blown up and they were right in front of your face and you had to stare--it was definitely hard seeing that."

Given that 9 of the 12 jurors were reportedly pro-choice, Gosnell's conviction was clearly not based on pre-existing political views.


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