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Military Readying New Attack Plan for Benghazi

With Benghazi once again in the news, the military is gearing up for possible strikes in and around the Libyan city.

CNN reports that new 'capture or kill' plans have been "discussed at the highest levels of the military as recently as last week." One possible plan involves putting military personnel on the ground, though it's not clear the President has been briefed on, much less approved, any of the plans.

Given that pressure on the administration to act has increased since the Benghazi hearings last week, it's inevitable that these plans would be interpreted in light of ongoing political disagreements. This has not escaped the attention of the military who are said to be "well aware" that a strike now "could be viewed as a political move..."

Even a leak of a potential strike could be interpreted as a political move at this point. This is likely why CNN takes care to note the story was not the result of "any coordinated effort to reach out to the media."

Ultimately, the CNN story is full of more denials than details. What it shows, if anything, is that trust in the administration's motives is not what it used to be.


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