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Rubio Continues Smacking Down President Obama

Senator Rubio continued his IRS smack down this morning, saying that it was a crime, that “an abuse of power is a crime,” and stated that Obama, who “loves to demonize” his political opponents, should have said  that the Justice department should fully investigate the IRS scandal, and that anyone remotely suspect or guilty would be prosecuted, regardless of how far up the IRS chain of command the investigation goes.

 The President does not have clean hands in this-Senator Marco Rubio

 Rubio accuses Obama and his minions of muscling political opponents, and for abusing the  power that is at their disposal to intimidate people, makes up the Obama administrations current “culture of intimidation” that has permeated  the White House and the entire federal government.

 Rubio concluded by saying that he will “continue to call for criminal investigations, and  we’re going look for a way to change the law, so that it is a crime, it is a crime for an IRS employee to target people based on their political leanings.”


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