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Time to Confront the Federal Government at the Neighborhood Level

ACTION REQUIRED! I've had it, both "Fed" up and an epiphany. This time it is personal and we Americans need to internalize it. It occurred to me during my radio show, and in the midst of a tirade, that the bureaucratic pros don't give a sh*t for the most part if we complain, scream and shout.

First, there are good people working in, and a legitimate role for them and many of the federal government institutions. To be clear I am not advocating violence. There are millions of us that are related to or know someone in the Federal Government at some level - low, middle or high. I / we / you need to confront that person in your front yard, the grocery store, town square or golf course and ask simple questions.

  • Is he or she a part of and in agreement with the blob sized leeches that are being highlighted in the recent scandals?
  • Does he or she support and defend the mediocrity and in too many cases outright idiocracy that our tax dollars pay for?
  • What if anything is he or she doing about it?

Maybe, when millions of our civil servants feel the heat and congregate in their emblazoned hallways, they will ponder and some may cower, as we the people demand they make their affiliation known.

What else would you ask the civil servants who are paid with our tax dollars?

When we demand more of ourselves and those that comprise our American culture, we will be better and someday exceptional again. I believe our best days are ahead of us.

Unanswered questions need to be resolved. Go for it.



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