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IRS's Miller Misled Congress About 'Uptick'

Rep. Todd Young (R-IN) caught IRS Acting Commissioner Steven Miller in a contradiction at Friday's hearing. Miller claimed that the IRS was motivated by a surge in groups applying for 501(c)4 status after the Citizens United ruling.

It's possible that Citizens United provoked such interest. But that does not explain why only conservative groups were targeted--nor the numbers in the IG's report, which indicate that the increase in such groups only began in late 2010 at the earliest--after the targeting began in March of that year. (Citizens United was decided in January).

I surmised that Young was referring to the following table in the report:

The Atlantic noted the same table about a half hour later; our own John Sexton debunked the same excuse earlier Friday; the Chronicle of Philanthropy and Hot Air caught the lie earlier in the week. If there were, as the IRS maintains, no political "targeting," why continue to lie?


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