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The subpoena is a good start, but where's Lois Lerner's pink slip?

In response to Issa to Lois Lerner: Here Is Your Subpoena:

William Taylor, Lerner's attorney said that requiring her to testify would "have no purpose other than to embarrass or burden her."

Oh, you mean like the way Lerner's underlings were demanding every Facebook post and Twitter message ever written by Tea Party folks applying for nonprofit status, lists of the books they read, and the names of their donors, for no purpose other than to harass political dissidents?  Even a high-powered lawyer should retain enough decency to blush furiously when saying something like that.

Why is Lois Lerner still allowed anywhere near confidential taxpayer information?  Everyone involved in this scandal should have been escorted from IRS premises by armed federal agents.  God alone knows how much data they're destroying to cover their tracks.  It's probably like Hillary Clinton's Rose Law Firm in there: a blizzard of shredded documents approaching whiteout conditions.  

We're not even getting usual sham of "paid administrative leave" for these people, after they either orchestrated, or slept through, the worst abuse of power in memory, maybe in American history... and lied to Congress about it.  I haven't seen any behavior from Lerner since this scandal reached critical mass to suggest she's anything more than a spin doctor at this point, and the Obama Administration has more than enough of those.  


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