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Food stamp loopholes

In response to Senator Vitter Passes 'No Food Stamps For Murderers And Rapists' Amendment to Farm Bill:

It's great news that murderers, rapists, and pedophiles will join convicted drug felons on the ban list for food stamp cards.

Follow-up question: why the hell is anyone convicted of any crime allowed to live at taxpayer expense with food stamps or other welfare benefits?  That should be an instant deal-breaker.  Perhaps knowing their freebies are on the line would help some people stay on the straight and narrow.  

Welfare benefits free up time and resources for pursuits other than earning your keep.  Food stamp cards can also be used to pull cash out of ATM machines.  We should not be subsidizing the illicit activities of any miscreant.  Not to mention that people with demonstrated criminal proclivities are more likely to abuse any government goodie program they participate in.


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