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Shocking Women Into Motherhood

A broadcaster in the UK has started a campaign to provoke women into thinking about fertility and having children earlier than "her generation."  From The Telegraph:

The TV presenter had her two children Darcey and Billy at the age of 38 and 42, but knows it is "too late" now to have a third child.

"I do look back now and realise that leaving pregnancy late can be a risky bet as diminishing fertility can stack the odds against you. In some ways I wish I’d had my babies younger. Now I would love a third child but I’ve almost certainly left it too late. My fertility door is slamming shut," she said. "I want to alert women to start thinking about their fertility at a younger age than my generation did."

Ms Garraway, 46, is fronting a campaign to encourage young women to think about fertility and giving birth much younger than "her generation". As part of the campaign, Ms Garraway spent a day being transformed into a heavily pregnant 70 year-old by Adrian Rigby, a prosthetic make-up artist, to "shock and provoke debate about how old is too old to have a baby".

I'm not sure how successful shock campaigns are, but I admire the thought behind this one.  American women are delaying motherhood, but women in the UK are even more behind.  As the article notes, the average age for American women to have their first child is 25, the average age for British women is five years later, waiting longer than women in any other country.


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