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Mayor Villaraigosa Asked Bill O'Reilly to Help Him Land a Job at Fox

Mayor Villaraigosa leaves office on July 1. As of now he has no job lined up and, according to a report by LA Weekly, has no savings, no car and no place to live once he vacates the mayoral mansion. To maintain his current lifestyle, he'll need a job making about $750,000 a year. This is a man, after all, who collected more than $50,000 in tickets to sporting events over a five year period.

Villaraigosa's need to maintain his expensive lifestyle may explain this vignette from an Oscar party in February:

He glided past film stars and caught up to O'Reilly, flashing a welcoming grin, according to an Oscar partygoer. Then Villaraigosa loudly asked O'Reilly for help landing an on-camera job. Villaraigosa said he wanted "to speak to [Fox News CEO] Roger Ailes" about "going to work" at the network. O'Reilly appeared genial, but his response could not be heard.

For a sample of the kind of work schedule Fox might expect out of Villaraigosa, consider how he spent his days as Mayor. According to LA Weekly's review of his 2012 daily schedule, 42% of his time was devoted to out-of-town travel, 18% to "gap time" including "moving from one event to another," 9% to personal time, 15% to ceremonial duties and 15% to city business including long meetings with lobbyists.


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