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The right to keep and bear gripes

In response to Democratic Spox: Media Forfeit the Right to Gripe Unless They Attend Holder Meeting:

How illuminating that the Democrat Party's mouthpiece has such a shriveled view of free speech, and such an utterly tone-deaf misunderstanding of the DOJ scandal!  It's almost as tone-deaf as Holder announcing "off-the-record" meetings in the first place, which is like something out of an Iowahawk parody.

No, Comrade Brad, nobody who refuses to attend Holder's closed-door media manipulation sessions "forfeits" even the tiniest part of their "right to gripe."  And the media isn't refusing to meet with Holder - they're refusing to meet with him in secret, for the obvious purpose of building an Administration-friendly news narrative.  

How far has the Obama gang fallen, when the press that used to swoon over them like screaming girls at an Elvis concert - the press that aggressively protected him from one disaster after another, and dragged him across the 2012 election finish line - has to be hauled into an off-the-record meeting so Uncle Eric can explain why he had to slap them around a little?  And some of them would refuse?

It's good that the media retains enough self-respect to take umbrage when Obama and his crew treat them like unsatisfactory employees of the White House press office.  The New York Times said it would not be "appropriate" for them to attend Holder's secret meetings because "our Washington bureau is aggressively covering the department's handling of leak investigations at this time."  That's exactly the right word.  It would not be "appropriate" for anything about this scandal to be handled off-the-record.


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