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Our True Legacy

What really matters. Stopped in to visit my extended family yesterday. We have been best friends since college and to their two girls, now young ladies, I'm Uncle Dave. (The pluses after the age below is to keep me out of trouble)

In the past 24 hours I have:

  • Been driven safely to trumpet practice and back by Lara, now 16+
  • Fished in the pond for catfish with Bri, now 11+  (She caught 1 and I came up empty)
  • Been beaten soundly by Bri at Wii Carnival games, and I did better on the 3rd round of games
  • Caught up with the adults after a homemade meal in between and throughout starting with Lara's drive
  • Watched Dr. Who season finale with Lara not so late into the night (school day today)
  • Gone to sleep relaxed and happy

Woke up with this thought. All in life matters to some degree. Relatives, friends, admirers remember, cite and honor your time between the dashes. Our legacy is centered around the children we bring into the world. Children and if you're lucky their children carry you throughout their lives.

To me this is the legacy we leave. I'm still smiling.


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