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I'm Sure the Media Will Soon be Cautioning the Democrats About "Overreaching" in their Defense of the IRS

In response to Watch what Democrats do in the IRS scandal, not what they say:

 That's not my observation; it was a Twitter snark from someone whose name I don't recall.

 I keep saying what you did:  That the Democrats are sure not acting as if this is a scandal involving a few rogue low-level frontline employees, who can easily be terminated, which would thus result in the complete end to the scandal.

What they're acting like, as you say, is as if this is a major threat to them.

In poker, you can't see your opponent's cards, but he can see his cards, and you can see what he seems to think his cards are by his actions.

The Democrats are playing as if the cards they're holding are the Jack of Guilty and the Ace of Watergate. 

 If they trust their first wall -- "This is all just some rogue operators" -- why are they so assiduously building fall-back walls they can retreat to after the first one falls?

And yet no one in the media seems to notice this -- they continue with their Narrative that Obama (as well as his top lieutenants) couldn't possibly be involved, as if it's an elementary fact, widely known, that Obama and high ranking Democrats are constitutionally incapable of scandalous behavior. 

That's where the "overreach" and "overplay their hands" crap comes from -- the media is still convinced that the Godking Obama walks on water, and therefore any suspicion to the contrary is, on the face of it, partisan lunacy.

Now I'll confess to you:  I have no idea how high up this goes.  (Although I do know the spying scandal goes up as high as at least the AG, which is pretty damn high.) 

No one knows all the facts yet.

But this makes me rather curious as to how the media thinks it already knows the facts, and knows, as much as they know the sun will rise and the moon will sink, that Barack Hussein Obama is innocent as a lamb of God.

I think these are valid suspicions.  I would not lie and say that I know x or y happened.  I suspect -- or at least I suspect these things may have happened, at least.

How does the media know differently?


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