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Dems Hope To Portray Issa As An 'Overzealous Prosecutor'

In response to Another tip of Obama's cards on the IRS scandal:

Can you believe it?

Time's Swampland Politics reports that Democrats are hoping to portray Darrell Issa, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee as an "overzealous prosecutor". An "overreacher" so to speak. 

For years, Issa has launched a series of probes into alleged White House malfeasance, from the “Fast and Furious” gun-running controversy to loans the Department of Energy made to the failed green-energy company Solyndra. In both instances, Issa went after high-level scalps — only to see the investigations peter out without claiming top officials, such as Attorney General Eric Holder, who was under scrutiny in “Fast and Furious.” Now Democrats are pointing to his habit of claiming conspiracy, as well as a series of intemperate remarks Issa has made about the IRS case, in an attempt to deflect attention from the scandal by discrediting the inquisitor.

Gosh....why did those investigations peter out, I wonder? If there was a "there there" shouldn't those scandals have become major media firestorms, ask the very lapdogs who did their best to ignore the stories. Could the Regime's relentless lying, stonewalling, and the president's claim of executive privilege have, in the end, outmaneuvered Congress? 

The media are just a disinterested observers, here, let me assure you, though. This is just business as usual in Washington. The kind of wacky hijinks you see in every administration. 

And doggonit, they're just reporting the facts -- albeit without connecting even the most obvious of dots - (why are Democrats behaving as if the IRS scandal is "an existential threat" to the entire party - as John says - if the miscreants can be narrowed down to a few rogue operators in one office? Why do the Regime's  biggest screw-ups keep getting promoted?)


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