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Obama's Taking A Hit In The Polls

The latest Bloomberg National Poll shows that 47 percent of Americans don’t believe Obama’s claim that he wasn’t aware the IRS was targeting conservative groups until he read about it in the papers, while 40 percent believe he is telling the truth. In other words 47% of us believe the president is lying to our faces. 40% are apt to believe the guy who says it's all a Rove/GOP conspiracy.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that 55 percent of Americans believe the IRS’s improper targeting "raises doubts about the Obama administration’s honesty and integrity."

 But the same NBC/WSJ poll found that only 33 percent believe Obama is “totally” or “mainly” responsible for the targeting. It also showed the President’s approval rating holding steady since the previous NBC/WSJ poll in April.

You can put me in the "totally" column. That's right, I said it. 

I'm also going to go on the record (right here on Breitbart) and say not only do Obama's latest scandals reach "Watergate" proportions - they blow the "third rate burglary" out of the water. The  Regime reached "Watergate" levels  about six months into its first year after the Chrysler bondholder threatsAmericorps IG Gerald Walpin firing, DealerGate, and   NEA scandal. Give me a break. 

A NBC/WSJ Poll has Obama’s approval rating among independents tanking to 29%…

And new Rasmussen poll shows that a majority of Americans now view the federal government as a threat to individual rights. 

“Voters don’t trust political leaders, but they are not sure they trust the media, either, so there are really no good players in this from a lot of people’s perspective,” Rasmussen said.

And when asked a question about trusting government, 30 percent say it’s a protector of individual rights, while 56 percent say it’s a threat to individual rights.

70 percent of those polled say they are following these stories closely or somewhat closely. 


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