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Outstanding: Government Workers Now Creating 'Secret Man Caves' in EPA Warehouses, Like Avenging Bat-Men Who Have Dedicated Themselves to Goldbricking and Grabass

You know, Obama loves to praise Government Workers (e.g., his base), but Government Workers have a psychological profile, and it's not "go getter" or "world beater."

A warehouse maintained by contractors for the Environmental Protection Agency contained secret rooms full of exercise equipment, televisions and couches, according to an internal audit. EPA’s inspector general found contractors used partitions, screens and piled up boxes to hide the rooms from security cameras in the 70,000 square-foot building located in Landover, Md. The warehouse -- used for inventory storage -- is owned by the General Services Administration and leased to the EPA for about $750,000 per year. ... “The warehouse contained multiple unauthorized and hidden personal spaces created by and for the workers that included televisions, refrigerators, radios, microwaves, chairs and couches,” the IG report said. “These spaces contained personal items, including photos, pin ups, calendars, clothing, books, magazines and videos.”

The EPA Administrator insists that “immediate, aggressive actions” be taken which means, per the Civil Service guidebook, "when we get to it, or thereabouts, circumstances permitting."

Speaking of the psychological profile of the average government worker: these are people who seek security, not risk (and not hard work). I'm just curious, tangentially, about what could possibly impel risk-adverse, security-seeking, effort-avoiding Rogue Low-Level Frontline Employees in Cincinnati to make extra work for themselves and put their phony-balony jobs at risk.

A security-seeking employee only acts when his bosses tell him to.


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