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The rationing maze

In response to Sarah Murnaghan Will Almost Certainly Get Her Lung Transplant, And That's A Problem:

A generally excellent point, although in this particular case the rule keeping the little girl from getting her lung transplant has been convincingly portrayed by doctors as an archaic bit of bureaucracy that Sebelius should have reviewed long ago.

We'll have a lot more rationing in our future, as more doctors opt out of practice or move away from the more aggressively price controlled elements of it.  Right now, ObamaCare is killing jobs and blowing insurance premiums sky high; in the future, it will have more profound effects on medicine itself.  Hello, death panels.  And they'll render their judgments the same way Sebelius did, with a fussy what-do-I-know-about-medicine shrug.  If you haven't actually seen her deliver her now-infamous "someone lives, someone dies" remark, I encourage watching the video of her exchange with Rep. Lou Barletta:

Yes, we're going to be begging for our lives, just as we're now reduced to begging government functionaries for jobs, sustenance, and permission to express our political views on the same terms as the State's loyal acolytes.  And while we run through a bureaucratic rationing maze, the power and well-connected will stride serenely above it, confident that their connections will keep them from ever going through what Sarah Murnaghan's folks have experienced.  Do you imagine that Sebelius or her successors would ever consign the child of a powerful Party official to doom with an epitaph like "someone lives and someone dies?"


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