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You Don't Choose the Government Lifestyle, The Government Lifestyle Chooses You

In response to Outstanding: Government Workers Now Creating "Secret Man Caves" in EPA Warehouses, Like Avenging Bat-Men Who Have Dedicated Themselves to Goldbricking and Grabass:

I've always maintained that I would never work for the government.  This story only reinforces my prejudice.  Sure, the perks are great, but imagine being around the people who put more energy into building adult forts than their taxpayer-funded job.  It would be like living in a never-ending Group Project Day in school.  You carry water for the burn-outs and slow-learners so you don't get a bad grade.  Pretty soon you get tired of doing all the work and decide a half-assed C is good enough.  We all know the people who brag about having a cushy, government job.  I guarantee you most of them were the "let the smart girl do the work" kids in school.  Their immature antics as government employees are not different.   Yes, there may be respectable government employees, but over time a lot of them become mediocre knowing they can't get fired and they're surrounded by people who are far worse. 


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