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No Burial for Gosnell's Infant Victims

The state of Pennsylvania successfully argued--beyond a reasonable doubt--that at least some of Gosnell's victims were babies deserving of legal protection. But it seems they did not convince the state medical examiner who, following advice from city attorneys, has refused to allow the infants to be buried.

J.D. Mullane, who covered the Gosnell trial, reports that Catholic priest Frank Pavone requested that he be allowed to bury the remains of the infants found in Gosnell's clinic at no cost to the city.  According to Pavone the city's medical examiner was initially considering his request but then had a change of heart. Pavone says he was told by Dr. Gulino "Well, you know, we discussed it and had legal consultations, and we will not release the bodies to any third party."

It's not clear what legal issues the city is concerned about. Whatever they are, they may consign Gosnell's victims to being disposed of as medical waste. Given that the jury has spoken clearly on the issue of their humanity, this seems like a real shame.

Update: Turns out Life News actually broke this story yesterday and I missed it. They have some additional info on this including word of a Twitter event tomorrow to protest the decision.


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