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Obama demands your trust, dissidents

Barack Obama has become a cartoon caricature of himself.  Every time he opens his mouth, he sounds more creepy and totalitarian.  Hillary Clinton famously said "it takes a village to raise a child."  Obama checked us all into The Village from "The Prisoner."  We're surrounded by penny-farthing bicycles and statues with cameras for eyes.

How does the Maximum Leader decide to address all this?  By holding another lie-filled press conference to tout his disastrous health care plan, and planting a question with a friendly reporter who used the only "question" allowed at the event to let him read a prepared statement about the NSA controversy - kind of like the way Lois Lerner kicked off the IRS scandal.  (For bonus fun, he kicked the whole production off by dissolving into a stammering mess because his prepared remarks weren't handy, and he didn't have a teleprompter.)

The first thing he does with the NSA story is drag out a straw man, telling that oh-so-helpful reporter that nobody was listening to her phone calls.  No one ever suggested that.  The phone data mining concerns the date, time, and location of calls, not the content of the conversations.  It's not comforting that a President under fire for obfuscation and deception immediately pulled out a talking point as phony as the Great Benghazi Video Protest.

Then he dismissed the whole thing as a "modest encroachment of privacy," which is pretty funny coming from the guy who kept his birth certificate and college transcripts buried in a lead-lined vault.  I think we're a bit past the point where all of this can be blown off as a nothingburger, not least because we're dealing with an Administration has demonstrated beyond all doubt that it cannot be trusted with sensitive information.  Politicized abuse of power and confidential data is rampant, from the IRS to the EPA.  And nobody is ever held accountable.  The perps get promoted, not reprimanded and fired.

Which leads to the Obama statement that's going to draw the most attention: "If people don't trust the executive branch, and also Congress and the judicial branch, then we're going to have some problems here."

At a systemic level, that's a powerful argument against the Obama model of government: it demands too much blind trust and obedience from the people.  It leaves no room for dissent, and there is no way to escape its grasp.  The system Obama dreams about is completely incompatible with the great American tradition of skepticism toward government, which is a vital component of liberty.

And at an individual level, Obama is laying out the case for his own resignation.  He cannot be trusted.  His opaque Administration constantly stonewalls and drags its feet when the people and their representatives ask questions, to the point of defying transparency laws.  His agents lie to Congress with impunity, from Attorney General Eric Holder to DNI James Clapper.  Power and money are flagrantly abused across his Administration - from the absolutely outrageous dismantling of safeguards to pay off his "green energy" cronies with taxpayer loot, to Operation Fast and Furious, to the IRS oppression of his political opponents.  

Obama has repeatedly proven himself unwilling or unable (more likely the former) to manage the people responsible for all this - and that's assuming he and his political operatives didn't orchestrate it.  No employee in the American private sector is as secure in his position as an Obama minion who abuses the trust of the American people.  The President has even been reduced to shielding himself from scandal by claiming he doesn't know what his own Administration is doing - as if the executive branch was a sinister conspiracy he might investigate one of these days.

Obama's projections and estimates are either foolishly mistaken or willful frauds.  He said we'd have less than 5 percent unemployment by now, if we let him spend that trillion dollars of stimulus money.  He said ObamaCare would make health insurance less expensive, and we'd all be able to keep our plans if we didn't like the new options he created.  

So, no, Mr. President, nobody with an ounce of intelligence or independence trusts you any more... and you've got a lot of nerve to insinuate that's our problem.  You've made it painfully clear that no one will face consequences for the abuse of power as long as you remain in office.  You claim you don't even understand what's happening until you see it explained on TV news shows, and that's unacceptable.  If you really cared about public trust in government, you'd make your apologies and go, taking the rest of your scandal-plagued subordinates with you, much as a private company looking to regain the trust of its customers would replace senior management.  But you don't really care about that, because what you describe as trust is more accurately called obedience.


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