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Sen.Mike Lee smacks down Rubio's immigration bill, calls it a "false choice"

 Utah’s U.S. Senator Mike Lee took the Senate floor to share his views, and express his support for immigration reform before taking a swipe at the NSA phone record spy-gate scandal, and state his case why the Senate should not support Senator Marco Rubio’s “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill. But Lee didn’t just chide these two issues, he slapped around the disasters that are Obamacare and Dodd-Frank for good measure.

 First, here is what Lee stated about the NSA scandal earlier in the week-

 “I am deeply disturbed by reports that the FISA Court issued an extremely broad order requiring Verizon turn over to the National Security Agency on a daily basis the company’s metadata on its customers’ calls.  Under this secret court order, millions of innocent Americans have been subject to government surveillance.”

 “The Fourth Amendment safeguards liberty by protecting against government abuse of power. Overzealous law enforcement, even when well-intended, carries grave risks to Americans’ privacy and liberty.  Members of Congress cannot continue to grant broad discretion to government agents and not expect these types of troubling outcomes.  The abuses resulting from this court order illustrate the reasons why I have opposed, and continue to oppose, controversial provisions of the PATRIOT Act and the FISA Amendments Act that are inconsistent with the Fourth Amendment.

 While addressing the immigration reform issue, Lee said the current U.S. immigration reform system was a “travesty,”  and “inefficient, uncompassionate, and dangerous,” adding that, “it doesn’t serve America’s economic or social interests and it undermines respect for the rule of law and our democratic institutions.

 The Senator proposes that the immigration problem should be addressed with a “step by step” approach that focused on individual reform measures implemented and verified in the proper sequence.” Lee also mentioned that his idea for approaching immigration reform is currently being addressed over at the U.S. House of Representatives, where they are negotiating their own immigration reform bill.

 Then Lee concluded his address by laying down a serious ‘comprehensive’ smack down of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, saying that this bill Rubio and friends offered up was a “false choice,” before calling it a “big government dysfunction,” and not an immigration reform bill.

 This is not the bill to fix our immigration system. I want to pass immigration reform. I want to debate immigration reform. 

 And that is exactly why we should not proceed to the Gang of Eight bill.

  We are being presented with a choice between the Gang bill, or nothing. Common sense, recent history, and the ongoing legislative process of the House of Representatives confirms that is a false choice. There is another way, a more sensible and successful way. We can do better than another thousand-page mistake. Haven’t we learned our lesson? Isn’t it time we tried? 

 Rather than fix our current immigration problems, the Gang of Eight bill will make many of them worse. It is not immigration reform. It is big government dysfunction.

 All advocates of true immigration reform – on the left and the right – should oppose it.

 Ay Caramba! Big Ouch!


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