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Big Government sees what it wants to see

My first thought, upon hearing of the NSA surveillance stories: "This is the same government that says it's completely impossible to track 12 million illegal immigrants down, so we have to give them amnesty."

But it's actually even more absurd than that.  The federal government refuses to track those illegal immigrants, and punishes anyone who tries.  Remember what happened when Arizona was trying to check the immigration status of people who draw the attention of the police for other reasons?  But the same centralized government and wannabe-dictator President have no problems spying on the cell phone activity and Internet communications of hundreds of millions of innocent citizens.

All that NSA super-spying somehow managed to miss Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was hanging around jihadi death-cult websites.  But government at varying levels cheerfully handed his family six figures in welfare benefits and asylum status, apparently never noticing they were zipping home to the country they "fled" on a regular basis for vacations.  The government fought tooth and nail to disclose what kind of welfare benefits they were getting.

Not only that, but the government turns a blind eye to Food Stamp Nation fraud on a gigantic scale, stubbornly refusing to use the data gathering tools at its disposal to crack down on fraud.  They're not making any serious attempt to track the purchases made with those spiffy EBT food stamp cards, even though a huge database of transaction data is piling up.  Outrageous stories of abuse pile up on a weekly basis, but the government refuses to use the data at its fingers to compel beneficiaries to purchase only basic, healthy foods.  

In a double whammy, the USDA was recently busted for distributing food stamp literature in Mexico, with the cooperation of the Mexican government, which reminded prospective immigrants they can get those lovely U.S. welfare benefits for their families without divulging their immigration status.  In other words, they're handing taxpayer-funded "credit cards" to the people they say it's impossible to track.

And it's not just welfare for the poor that brims with studied government ignorance.  How about all those big-bucks taxpayer giveaways to Obama's top donors through the "stimulus" heist and all those "green energy" programs?  Remember how all the usual safeguards were bypassed and disabled so our money could be stuffed into the pockets of George Kaiser and other billionaire Obama cronies?  The government made an organized effort not to see how absurd those "green" business models were, in some cases ignoring warnings from whistleblowers within the companies themselves.  

We've been hearing about the unspeakable sin of "profiling" for years now.  That's why Lutheran grandmas have to get hauled out of their wheelchairs for TSA patdowns.  But what is this NSA program, if not a massive exercise in "profiling" - sifting through the communications of millions of completely innocent people, in search of certain patterns that could prompt further scrutiny?

And of course, Barack Obama and his trusty sidekick Eric Holder will fight to the death against common-sense measures to cut back on vote fraud and properly identify people at the ballot box.  The same people spying on your email for no good reason say voter ID is a racist conspiracy to suppress the black vote.  They went purple with rage at any effort to conduct "data mining" on voter data before the 2012 election, including the sweeps that found a large number of illegitimate registered voters in states like Florida and Ohio.  In Florida, they were finding illegitimate voters by simply comparing the voter registration rolls to the list of people who refused jury duty on the grounds they were not legal U.S. citizens.  They found quite a few names that appeared on both lists.  But the government rarely performs such simple tests of voter data integrity.

Big Government sees what it wants to see... and is willfully blind to what the ruling class and its bureaucratic minions prefer to ignore, for reasons of ideology and political convenience.


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