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The Narrative Republicans Need To Pound Going Forward - Obama Abuses Power To Punish His Political Enemies

We talk a lot about the importance of "messaging" in politics and the fact that Democrats tend to be much better at it than Republicans. But ahead of the 2014 elections, the narrative for Republicans has all but fallen into their laps. Republicans need to explain to the American people what the NSA, IRS, EPA, and AP/James Rosen scandals actually mean.

On a recent Fox News edition of Political Insiders, John Leboutillier spelled it out:

“Now is the time for Republicans to frame these three scandals into a narrative. And I think I know what it is. 

"The Obama administration uses government power to go after people who disagree with it. Whether they’re reporters, conservatives – whatever. They will do anything to go after their enemies. And that is an UGLY reality.”

It's an ugly reality most of us knew in 2012, but without the proof we have now.  Republicans need to start pounding it right away to reach the low info voters.

Here's Doug Schoen, John Leboutillier, and Pat Caddell with host Gregg Jarrett dissecting the latest scandals on Political Insiders. The show is from last weekend, before the NSA scandal broke.

Video courtesy of Johnny Dollar.


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