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Cruz: Obama Scandals Show 'Willingness To Use Machinery Of Gov. As Partisan Cudgel Against Political Enemies'

In response to The Narrative Republicans Need To Pound Going Forward - Obama Abuses Power To Punish His Political Enemies:

Senator Ted Cruz keynoted the AFF (America's Future Foundation) Leadership Dinner, last week in Washington DC. 

Here's the "wacko bird" from Texas showing how to push the narrative in an answer to a question regarding the IRS scandal:

"This scandal and all the scandals swirling about really combine two things; one -  willingness to use the machinery of the federal government as a tool and a partisan cudgel against your political enemies, and two - a really sad willingness to dissemble and mislead the American people. 


Now that's what I'm talking about. 

Watch the whole thing. He also argues that the idea that the President didn't know about the targeting after senior officials had been notified is "utterly absurd."


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