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If just one pound can be saved...

In response to Obesity Campaign Digitally Fattens Kids As Warning :

Hey, what's a little B.S. in the service of Higher Truth?  To paraphrase Obama's famous formula for unlimited regulatory power in the gun control debate: If just one pound can be saved, isn't this worth doing?  The anti-obesity poster child isn't chubby enough, but we can fix that by shoving a few pixels around and making her look like the Thunder guy in "Big Trouble in Little China" right before he explodes.

So what if the campaign to "educate parents on the realities and dangers of childhood obesity" has to manufacture its own reality to send the right message?  The righteous need not sweat small details.

Now I'm just waiting for the Health Nudgers to get their mitts on all that telephone and Internet data harvested by the NSA, and use data mining to target the unhealthy eaters.  Imagine getting a robocall from Michelle Obama: "Hello, fellow American, this is the First Lady.  You're receiving this call because your telephone records show you placing a lot of unhealthy take-out orders.  Have you thought about the risks associated with the excessive consumption of pizza and kung po chicken...?"


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