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Vulnerable Democrat Senator Up For Reelection All But Endorses Unnamed Opponent

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) is  considered the most vulnerable Senator up in 2014, and he's not feeling too confident about his re-election campaign. In recent remarks at the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce's First Friday Breakfast, he all but endorsed his Republican challenger - who doesn't exist yet but will be, according to Pryor,  "well qualified" and will have "as much or more" money than he has. Sounds like a winneh!

He also expressed surprise that there are already campaign ads being run a year and a half before the election! His own. (?!)

 Pryor also expressed shock that he is already running campaign ads a year and a half before the election, at a time when he does not even have a Republican opponent, though speculation has placed U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Dardanelle, as a potential candidate in next year's election, though he would not acknowledge Cotton by name.

"No, I never thought that would happen, but I never thought they were going to spend a million dollars against me and here we are 17 months (out) and I don't have an opponent. …whoever's going to run, they're going to be well-qualified, well-financed campaign. I can almost guarantee you that whoever runs on the Republican side will have as much or more (money) than I will. It's just the reality of it. It's just the way things work now. I wish we could fix the money in campaigns. I really wish that when I run for re-election, it could be kind of a one-on-one campaign, all Arkansas money, all Arkansas issues, and just go after it because I feel like that's really the way the system was designed."


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