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False choices and true partisanship

In response to Sounds Like Pew is Smitted With Obama's Strawmen :

The other revealing thing about these polls on national security, compared with polls from the Bush era, is that a great deal of public "opinion" on the subject is pure, blind partisanship.  Democrats trust the Democrat President with extraordinary surveillance powers; Republicans trusted the Republican.

I doubt it matters to most Democrats that Obama's exercise of these powers is far beyond anything Bush attempted.  Their response would be that it all started under Bush, after 9/11, and nothing else matters.

For voters from bother parties, this is exactly the wrong attitude to take.  I happen to think Obama's crew has proven itself uniquely unable to be trusted with data mining and confidential information.  Even if Obama himself is firewalled from all these scandals, his most ardent defenders are insisting this Administration is packed with individuals who decide to abuse their authority out of political expediency, personal interest, or sheer arrogance.  Obama and his Party have made it clear they have absolutely no interest in doing anything about it.  Their first, second, and third responses involved ass-covering and damage control.  They've currently got Elijah Cummings running around the House and squawking that the IRS thing is over.  A couple of graceful retirements, one temporary position ended, and an arrogant Democrat dirty-tricks specialist masquerading as an IRS commissioner gets a paid vacation = problem solved.

But I don't want to plop a more honest Democrat, or a Republican, behind the wheels of this machine, not even after cleaning out some of the faceless operatives and cooperative supervisors who keep the cogs turning.  A system that should work fine if Captain America runs it, but easily turns to corruption in the hands of anyone less admirable, should not be our goal.  Instead, we want a system that forces bad politicians to do the right thing, or at least limits the damage they can do.  

At this point, I assume the government is absolutely riddled with Lois Lerners, and I don't see any effort to clean them out.  (On the contrary, we've got the Benghazi cretins at the State Department covering up fatcat Obama donors who buy ambassadorships and go on sex adventures with underage overseas prostitutes.)  This government is sick with corruption, and it can't be fixed by a staff turnover, not even in the Oval Office... but there's not even any sign of a staff turnover.  We need to change the system to restore our national health.  Part of that change involves refusing to give them any power that Lois Lerners can't turn into a Constitution-shredding national crisis.  That's going to be a tough job.


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