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Speaking of Bubbleheaded Thoughtlessness: Storyline of This Season's "The Newsroom" Features Tea Partiers Using Government Power to Persecute Liberals for Their Political Speech

The idiotic conceit of Aaron Sorkin's show is that he'll go back in time to stories that happened in the past and tell us all how they should have happened.

Well, this season, he's decided a storyline about liberals using government power to squelch the speech of Tea Partiers wouldn't be accepted by his show's very few fans, who are seeking politically pornographic fantasias to validate their world view.

So no problem -- Rewrite.  This season's major storyline will be about Tea Partiers using the power of government to squelch the political speech of liberals.  Ah-- now that's a storyline with the Heroes and Villains put into their correct places.

It's like a Yakov Smirnov joke -- in Aaron Sorkin's Political Fantasy World, Tea Partiers use government to target you!!!

More on this bizarre clownshow at my site, if you care.


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