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Subsidizing More Pigs in Iowa and Boomtown 2 Companies Than Farmers

In response to Senate Passes Bloated $955 Billion Farm Bill 66-27:

Does no one see the insanity of DC for what it is? The lessons of Boomtown 2 have been ignored. I expected this from Democrats and sadly not really shocked that some Republicans signed on to profligate spending. These same kinds of fools think comprehensive immigration reform will get Hispanics to vote for Republicans.

Fix the tax code, stop EPA targeting of farmers, let farmers produce in the free market and get rid of subsidies.

Fox News reported:

The wide-ranging, five-year agriculture measure would cost taxpayers $955 billion.

That bulk of the money -- $760.2 billion -- would go toward the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – or commonly known as the food stamp program which helps low-income families buy food. The Senate bill makes a small cut to the food stamp program, while the House version shaves off $17.4 billion.

This is fiscal insanity. 


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