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Turkish Police Want You to Know they Brutally Cleared Taksim Square in a Kind and Loving Way, Not Like Imperial Stormtroopers or Anything

Frankly, they're a bit mystified as to how anyone could confuse them with Imperial Stormtroopers.

I've been meaning to check out that new T-16 Cloudhopper...

Earlier today the Erdogan regime arrested more than fifty lawyers for the crime of supporting the Rebellion, which totally does not sound like something Imperial Stormtroopers would do. At all.

While the square was cleared earlier, Rebels have returned to it, and Stormtroopers, I mean police, are continuing to chase them out with water cannons and relentless cannisters of tear gas. Russia Today has live video of the continuing fight for Taksim Square, and it's pretty gripping.


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