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Cat Runs For Mayor In Mexico

(CNN) In the eastern Mexican city of Xalapa, it appears that voter frustration with corrupt politicians (known as rats in the local lingo) may have given rise to a new candidate on the scene...and the new candidate is a cat.  El Candigato Morris or The Candidate Morris began appearing on campaign posters and immediately developed a hugely loyal social media following garnering over 100 thousand likes on his Facebook page

Although El Candigato Morris isn't officially on the ballot for the July 7 election, he has an official web site with a slick campaign video and a platform where he "promises nothing more than the rest of the candidates: to rest and to frolic."  

According to his Facebook page, Morris' personal interests include the following: 

Juega con bolas de papel y bolsas de plástico. es curioso por naturaleza, interés especial en rascar colchas, sábanas, cojines, sofás y ropa en general.


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