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Iran's New President is no 'Moderate' or 'Reformist'

About that "moderate," "reformist" Hassan Rouhani:

The incoming president of Iran was never a reformist. It is doubtful that his achievement was even a victory for the moderate camp in Iran, which on the face of it wants to replace the regime and to stop the nuclear weapons race. Rouhani, as opposed to the image that has been fashioned, was until recently known as part of the conservative camp in Iran. He is not one of those challenging the Islamist regime, and certainly not challenging Khamenei’s rule.

...“Victory for a candidate who is perceived as more moderate yet still has the confidence of Khamenei, serves the regime in the best way. Externally, Iran today is in a very difficult situation with regard to sanctions and its international standing. A conservative president would only have increased Tehran’s isolation in the world. A victory for someone from the ‘moderate stream,’ however, will immediately bring certain countries in the international community to call for ‘giving a chance to dialogue with the Iranian moderates.’ They will ask for more time in order to encourage this stream, and it will take pressure off the regime. And so we see that in the non-disqualification of Rouhani and especially in the non-dropping-out of four of the five conservative candidates there is more than just an indication that this is the result the regime desired.”

Avi Issacharoff, The Tower, emphasis mine. The Western media have fallen for the ruse. Exactly as planned.

One would think that outlets such as NPR, which gave breathless coverage to the Iranian elections as if they were a real contest, even while acknowledging that reporters had not been allowed to travel to certain parts of the country, would have viewed the results with skepticism.

Yet somehow the media allowed themselves to imagine that an election in which the candidates were pre-screened for approval, and which occurs in an atmosphere of violent repression and intimidation, could be a free and fair representation of the will of the Iranian people.

Our media want so badly to believe that President Barack Obama is right about foreign policy--and, further, that his very ascent to power inspires the wish for "fundamental transformation" elsewhere--that they have greeted Rouhani with an optimism he does not yet deserve.

True, anyone would have been better than Ahmadinejad--except that he revealed the true nature of the evil at the heart of the Iranian regime. Now the regime has apparently bought itself time and goodwill--with the eager assistance of much of the Western media. 


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